I’m Tasha and I’m a surface pattern designer and illustrator by night and an editorial project manager by day. Of course, as a self-employed anything, those timeslots are somewhat arbitrary! I’m also a mum and a wife and have a tendency to volunteer for things a little bit too much, so to say I juggle stuff is probably an understatement.
I design for print studios, provide freelance design services (predominantly, but not exclusively, in pattern design) and am always very enthusiastic about commissions, collaborations and licensing opportunities.
I am flexible in my designing and can whip up florals, geometrics, abstracts and conversationals, at speed, or spend longer planning and creating something with a bit more depth. (Though, sometimes, my best personal work is something that I’ve not spent longer than a day on – speed doesn’t necessarily lead to a drop in quality!) 
My personal work at the moment is focusing a lot on the hand-painted and hand-drawn - particularly gouache, watercolour and dip pen (I'm really loving combining the latter two in fun ways).
I love colour – many of my designs are melting pots of brights, but now and then I also like to explore muted or limited palettes, and the simplicity and promise of a black and white inky drawing carries its own special magic.  
I have a very busy life and a very busy home, which tends to be mirrored in many of designs – minimalism is not something I’m known for!

Please feel free to contact me if you want to buy or license any of my designs, or to discuss commissions or collaborations. You can email me at tasha@tashagoddard.com. (If you’re looking for educational publishing services, please look at www.tag-publishing.co.uk.)
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